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Savings for Schools

At Mamasource, we know quality community and school educational programs are amongst the most important things you can give your child. And these days community programs and schools can use all the funding they can get. We wanted to find a way to leverage our collective power to make a difference in our schools.

We are pleased to have joined forces with is the easiest, quickest way to raise funds for schools and community programs. Your community project or school can use the money any way it wants--for books, field trips, supplies--whatever they need!

The best part, checks are mailed out at the end of each fundraising event. More funds, quicker and easier than ever! Grandparents, friends, and neighbors can all participate in the Savings for Schools Program. The more people that get involved, the more money can be earned for your school.

Now Mamasource’s daily deals make it easy for you to make a difference—while saving you money. Now that’s a sweet deal!